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Buying a PowerCube™ is truly an investment with quick payback. However, keeping your investment maintained is one of the easiest things you can do to prolong its life while keeping you safe and comfortable. By changing the oil, checking belts and staying on top of other routine maintenance, you will save yourself money down the road by avoiding costly repairs.

For questions about your PowerCube™ APU, first call our Service Department at +1 (866) 526-7109 or direct at +1 (308) 762-2975. A qualified service specialist will talk through any concerns, diagnostics, offer advice, and if needed arrange for the best possible repair solution near your location! Tridako Energy Systems will pre-qualify a suitable mechanic to make repairs with the right tools and certification requirements. Factory parts and warranty replacements for your PowerCube™ are always available and shipped as quickly as possible.

Training for Customers & Dealers

PowerCube™ installation, please scroll down for more info and repair documentation. See our online tool, which can provide immediate help for our customers and dealers. Simply click on a link below to view corresponding information. * You will be asked for user information prior to accessing these modules. If you do not have a username and password, please call our service department with your PowerCube serial# and/or dealer code.

Basic Tips

The operating efficiencies of any APU depends on a number of factors, including the size and shape of the sleeper, insulation R-value built into the sleeper cab, windows, door seals, and the ambient temperature outside. With the PowerCube’s high 24,000 AC & 30,000 Heating BTU’s the unit will provide even temps without partitioning space to isolate air flow in the truck cab. There are a few things that you can do to help maximize the heating and cooling processes even more, with some good planning and awareness.

  • For cooling, park in sheltered areas when possible and reduce or eliminate reflective heat sources, such as glass and electronic appliances that generate heat.
  • For heating, check to see that your window and door seals are tight, plus make sure that you have an appropriate cold air return (inside the cab) flowing under the bunk into the HAVC unit.
  • In both cases, proper airflow is paramount. So, take regular precautionary steps to ensure that lint or debris doesn’t accumulate and prohibit evaporator/blower performance.

The PowerCube™APU is a leading edge auxiliary power unit, approved by the EPA SmartWay Clean Diesel program to reduce emissions. It gives the driver fuel savings and reduced engine wear. Tridako is dedicated to designing a tough, high BTU output, emission reducing APU.

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